The Technology Behind PursuitAlert

PursuitAlert leverages the tools and technologies we carry with us every day to simply save lives.

“We can now alert our citizens when they enter an area of a high-speed pursuit. That not only improves their safety but increases the safety of our officers as well.”

Mike Crenshaw
Sheriff, Oconee County SC

Using PursuitAlert as an OFFICER

PursuitAlert Technology

The PursuitAlert notification is activated by the responding patrol unit. The officer will trigger the system through installed hardware mounted in the patrol car as standard, single DIN control units. The officer can enable and cancel the alert.

A proprietary contraband marking system is included with PursuitAlert that allows dispatch to retrieve map-based markers of where contraband may have been tossed out the window throughout the pursuit.

Getting Notified as a Citizen

Download and Forget!

PursuitAlert only requires the one-time action of downloading the PursuitAlert App for your device. Once done, the user will receive the notifications automatically whenever they enter the range of a pursuit. This service will be in effect for any participating state, county or municipal law enforcement agency in the U.S. Thus, the service will continue to work as the user passes through various participating territories around the country.

PursuitAlert Technology

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Why PursuitAlert?

  • An estimated 50,000 police pursuits occur annually in the US.

  • On average, there is one death every day in the US resulting from high-speed pursuits.

  • Estimates are the death totals are greater, since there is no mandatory reporting requirement.

  • Three times as many people are injured than are killed in pursuits.

  • Financial losses are estimated to be in the hundreds of millions, with insurance payouts, hospitalization, lost wages, disability, etc.

  • There are warning systems in place for tornadoes, lightning, floods and hurricanes, yet more people are killed annually in pursuits than all four events COMBINED.

  • There is no other pursuit warning system on the market.

  • The app is free to the public.

Get your agency on board with PursuitAlert

In any high intensity, dangerous situation, the number one most critical component of survival is communication. Enable your community with the opportunity to seek safety when it matters most.