Getting PursuitAlert into your agency

PursuitAlert supports your agency at every step in the process. From initial budgeting to department-wide installation and training to ongoing monitoring. Our team is here to help.


PursuitAlert is committed to providing a cost-sensitive solution to your agency. Whether pursuing Federal Block Grant money, or a lease-purchase option, PursuitAlert can be an affordable solution to keep your community safe.

  • Less than the cost of most vehicle-deer guards
  • Lease to Own financing
  • Avg $3.6b year in federal block grant money


The PursuitAlert hardware easily integrates with your officer’s vehicle command center through a single DIN unit.

The hardware will be shipped to your agency or a certified installer of your choice.

The officer will be provided the detailed instructions in the use and operation of PursuitAlert.

Community Awareness

The success of PursuitAlert comes when your community becomes aware of the service. PursuitAlert provides a suite of tools to your agency to maximize the messaging of this new service.

This can include press release information to your local news outlets, social media messaging, and print collateral.

Management Dashboard

While the primary functionality of PursuitAlert happens with the officer, your department will be equipped with access to the PursuitAlert dashboard. This can provide accurate data of your agencies pursuits route, top speed, length, and duration, as well as map indicators of marked contraband drops.
Having historical records and accurate reporting of High-Speed Pursuit data can be extremely beneficial in litigation support. Our dashboard and reporting metrics can provide such information on demand.

Get your agency on board with PursuitAlert

In any high intensity, dangerous situation, the number one most critical component of survival is communication. Enable your community with the opportunity to seek safety when it matters most.