PursuitAlert: Experience turned into innovation

Here’s how Tim Morgan turned his 37 years of law enforcement experience into a life-saving service.

“A pursuit is probably the most unique and dangerous job law enforcement can do.”

Maj. Travis Yates
Tulsa Police Despartment
National Pursuit Training Academy

PursuitAlert is the new standard in a patented state of the art mobile warning system to alert motorists and civilians of an immediate danger, within a three-mile radius, of an active Police pursuit by a participating law enforcement agency. “As the pursuit progresses or concludes, PursuitAlert will notify the affected community members that the pursuit is now out of range and to continue with caution.” This smartphone app is free to the public.

It is estimated that there are about 50,000 high-speed police pursuits each year in the United States.  On average, there is about one death a day as a result of a high-speed pursuit in the US.  Three times as many are seriously injured and the resulting financial losses are in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

More people are killed each year from high-speed police pursuits than from tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and lightning COMBINED!  There are warning systems in place for each threat, and now, a warning system is available for high-speed police pursuits.


Tim Morgan has spent 37 years dedicated to law enforcement, serving 22 of those years as Pickens County South Carolina Assistant Sheriff. He and his Team have utilized a combination of existing technologies to develop PursuitAlert, a public safety warning system for high-speed police pursuits. The goal of PursuitAlert is to limit tragedies, devastation, and loss caused by deadly pursuits. PursuitAlert app is a simple notification system, that is free to the public and will help save innocent bystanders from injury or death, preventing them from becoming a statistic that on average occurs every day in this country.

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In any high intensity, dangerous situation, the number one most critical component of survival is communication. Enable your community with the opportunity to seek safety when it matters most.

High speed police pursuits are the one event where law enforcement endangers the public the most, while simply doing their duty. At PursuitAlert we understand that there are no “good” police chases, just like there are no “good” wars, but we will continue to have both because we as a society would be overtaken without the threat of our protectors being able to do their jobs. Our warning system is designed to enhance law enforcements efforts to hold criminal behavior accountable and at the same time offer as much notice and protection to the public as possible about imminent danger in close proximity.